Saya ingin maklumkan kepada semua sekiranya menerima email dari email lama saya SILA ABAIKAN ada orang berhati busuk dan menggunakan email lama saya dengan menghantar email palsu untuk mengaut keuntungan. dan saya tidak boleh login ke email tu lagi paswd saya telah di tukar....saya mohon semua berhati-hati...

cth email tersebut:-

Assalamulaikum... Salam, It is with the help of an Irish tourist who heard my story and volunteered to assist me through his computer in typing this mail to you, that i am able to send this email right now because i don't have access to phone or internet. This is very urgent, so please put me into consideration and help me as fast as you can. I have encountered a problem here in Manchester, England. I am stranded here and need money from you urgently. I'm sorry i didn't inform anyone i was traveling. I quickly traveled down for a seminar and research programme. Unfortunately for me i forgot my hand bag behind in the taxi i hired to the apartment i rented for my stay. The taxi driver or vehicle has not been identified. I had all my valuable documents including my traveling passport, bank cards and all the money i came here with. I don't have a penny to feed and pay for my stay and the landlord has threatened to throw me out and seize my belongings. I also need money to conclude my project and due to my financial condition, i can't do anything or move an inch from my location. Please can you loan me 2,300pounds urgently. I promise to refund you the money once i get back. The police are investigating, but i can't continue to wait on them. I have contacted the embassy already, but they only told me to come down to collect a covering letter that will enable my exit through the airport. I don't want anyone knowing about my situation so i am counting on you to send me the money today. Will be glad to hear from you so i can inform you on how to send the money. I will get back once i get money. You can reach me through his phone; +447984227923 and request to speak to me... *****************************************************************************************************************************************
Saya ade jalan2 kat forum, jumpe plak langkah demi langkah belajar buat bakul kertas...kalau sape2 minat nak buat bakul kertas sendiri boleh la cuba ye...JOM kita ikuti langkah demi langkah buat bakul kertas :-

Rajah 1 dan Rajah 2

Rajah 1: Sediakan bahan dan alat:-Buku / Majalah lama-Gunting-Gam-Lidi-Mounting board-Syelek-BerusSediakan bahan dan alat:-Buku / Majalah lama-Gunting-Gam-Lidi-Mounting board-Syelek-Berus
Rajah 2:Gunting mounting board berbentuk bulat mengikut saiz yang anda inginkan.

Rajah 3 dan Rajah 4

Rajah 3:Gunting kertas dari majalah atau buku lama dengan lebar 3cm
Rajah 4: Kepingan kertas yang siap digunting

Rajah 5 dan Rajah 6

Rajah 5: Gulung kepingan kertas bermula dari hujung lidi.
Rajah 6:Bentuk lidi kertas yang siap

Rajah 7 dan Rajah 8

Rajah 7:Silangkan lidi kertas (sapu gam untuk mudahkan anyaman seterusnya).Bilangan lidi adalah bergantung kepada anda.Semakin banyak lidi yang andagunakan, anyaman semakin rapat dan cantik.
Rajah 8:Letak kepingan mounting board sebagai tapak

Rajah 9 dan Rajah 10

Rajah 9 :Pandangan bahagian bawah bakul kertas dengan binaan 3 batang lidi kertas.
Rajah 10:Anyaman peringkat awal/pangkal bakul

Rajah 11 dan Rajah 12

Rajah 11 :Peringkat akhir anyaman bakul kertas
Rajah 12 : Bakul kertas yang telah siap disapu syelek supaya kelihatan lebih menarik dan tahan lebih lama

Rajah 13:Bakul yang telah siap boleh dipelbagai gunakan
JOM CUBA!!!....

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