Easiest Free Way To Make Money Online

The are numerous ways to generate income online. In my own marketing efforts, I've discovered that selling informational products (including e-books, how-to manuals, and even membership sites) is a fantastic long term business model that is the easiest free way to make money online.
Online businesses, in many ways, highly resemble an offline business with only a couple of exceptions. First, the size of the market of an online business utterly dwarfs that of an offline business. An online business can reach the world marketplace quickly, whereas an offline business is limited to (for the most part) a few miles radius around its location.
Like the offline market, a product or service has to be sold for any income to be generated. Whether it clothes, cars, office supplies, accounting services, or even knowledge, you have to sell "something" for you to make any money online.
So here are 6 steps to the easiest free way to make money online
Of course, to make money online you've got to have a product or service. You need to know what you're going to sell. You might focus on selling one product, or a range of different products. Strike an arrangement where you are selling something that you are passionate, yet has a hungry market looking to buy what you may have to offer. There's no profits in selling solar powered flashlight, for instance, even if it were your passion.
If you're serious about your online business, than you'll need to get a website. However, you can still be successful with your own online business even without a website. You might choose to use a free blogging platform such as blogger.com or even sell your products on ebay.com. And if you are an affiliate, than you don't need a site at all. As an affiliate, your primary goal to get visitors to your affiliate link. So theoretically, you can still be successful with an online business by simply directing traffic to an affiliate weblink.
I personally prefer to have my own site, so that I can capture email addresses, build a relationship with my subscriber, and sell multiple products and / or services to them.
If you have a site, you're going to need to collect email addresses. For this, you'll need an autoresponder which help to follow up on your prospect morning and night, 365 days out of the year. It's been said that the average purchaser buys after an average of 7 follow-up calls or letters. So follow-up is a very important part of running a successful online business. Why not automate it with the help of an autoresponder.
Without traffic, your website is as good as 5 star restaurant in the middle of desert. In other words, you may have the best products or services on earth, but if there are no roads to your site, you'll get no visitors. Without visitors, your business is on the fast track to failure. I've personally found that press release, articles, solo ads to ezines, and JV email partners work best at getting traffic. Experiment for your self to see which one works best for you. Which brings me to my next point...
With steps 1-4 in place, you must now track and test everything little thing you do. By tracking and testing, you'll be able to hone in on what produces the most amounts of profit for you. You'll also be able to quickly see the duds in terms of your marketing efforts, and drop those quickly by the waist side.
Remember, you are sure to falter and fail at times. But each failure is what ultimately moves you in the direction of success, if you'll stop and earnestly look at what really works in your business.
By following these 6 steps you'll have the easiest free way to make money online. Simply decide what to sell, choose a vehicle to sell your product, get an autoresponder, get traffic, track everything, and allow room for mistakes. Good luck!
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How to Make Money Quickly With Your Online Business
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Eric Tean said...


Affiliate marketing is another best way to make money online. Most companies have an affiliate programs, where they pay people to advertise their product on your blog. In most cases, you will be earn a commission of the sale of an item.

Aziela said...

yes Eric i agree with u..thanks for your comments...

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