Kemasan Leher Baju Kurung Dengan Epal


The Baju Kurung for women, like the Baju Melayu for the men, is said to originate from the Malaysian state of Johore about 200 years ago and is said to be styled and fashioned by the late HRH Sultan Abu Bakar of Johore in 1866.The baju kurung is one of the more popular type of costume compared to the others. It is a form of costume that covers the body and looks presentable.The baju kurung associates to the more courteous and shy section of the Malay community. Furthermore, it covers the whole body, exposing the face and hands only, which which abides by the Islamic dress code.A few variations of baju kurung include the baju kurung labuh, baju kurung moden, baju kurung cekak musang, baju kurung Kedah ,baju kurung piping baju kurung Pahang etc.Nowadays, the baju kurung can be found in lots of forms. It has evolved with the wearer’s taste and the flow of time.The most populor fasion of baju kurung today is baju kurung pahang, is the Pahang traditional Malay costume for women.ts simple cut is suitable for all, irrespective of race, anywhere in the world. No wonder then, in the streets and malls of modern Pahang and Malaysia, you can still see the Baju Kurung in all its splendour worn by women. Well, a thing of beauty is really a joy forever.Besides adding extra elegance, simple beauty and style to the wearer, the Baju Kurung, since it is loose fitting, is very comfortable to wear in the hot and humid weather of the equatorial climate.
Baju kurung yang di jahit tikam akan nampak lebih cantik dan kemas.
ada banyak jenis kemasan yang boleh di jahit pada leher baju kurung,
antaranya Mata lalat, Pucok Rebung,Tulang Belut, Kerang, karipap dan lain-lain lagi.
yang paling saya suka dan selalu buat pada leher baju kurung customer saya ialah mata lalat, lebih cantik dan cepat untuk di siapkan.selalunya saya buat manual aje..
bagi saya lebih seni dan klasik..hehehe...mata lalat pada leher baju kurung juga boleh di jahit menggunakan mesin jahit berjenama Epal ..haaa..yang ni lagi cepatlaaa..hehehe...kalau sape2 nak tau macamana caranya nak guna mesin jahit epal untuk mata lalat ...boleh lihat video di bawah...layannn...:)))

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